All around particles

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We offer a broad range of particle types and technologies in order to meet your needs in enhanced bioavailability or stability, preventing fed/fasted state differences, taste and smell masking, ER or MR formulations. 


Services all around the particles:

  • Development of nanoparticle systems for oral, parenteral, pulmonary or topical systems 

  • Development of encapsulation system for taste/smell masking 

  • Enhanced stability in liquid for RTU formulations

  • Micro-particulate systems for extended release formulations

  • Particle based drug delivery systems and drug targeting

  • Particle technologies screening studies for NCEs

  • Particles for in-vivo and in-vitro diagnostics

  • Particle systems for medicinal product applications


Our long years of experience in particle development and analyses is reflected into efficient development strategies for particulate systems. We make sure that advantages of particulate systems meet your specific formulation needs.




Highly efficient particle screening studies are conducted by our scientists starting with selection of the most appropriate excipient systems and the particle type based on desired specific effect of particulate system and the application route. This studies lead to high throughput screening of particle formulation and production parameters to enable the junction of optimum particle design with the most appropriate technology. 



Our innovative particle formulations are designed to maximize the benefits of the particulate systems based on application route.  Our scientists work together with you to characterize your API and determine the benefits of particulate systems followed by the design of particle formulations to ensure the best performance of particulate systems. We shorten the time to market by integration of developed particulate systems to your existing down processing methods such as wet granulation, lyophilisation or spray drying. 






leon-nanodrugs GmbH is the exclusive license holder for MicroJet Reactor Technology in the field of pharmaceutical products containing particulate systems. MJR Pharmjet is a partner and CDMO of leon-nanodrugs for the application of the MJR Technology for the development and manufacturing of nanoparticle-based pharmaceutical products.